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This pack contains a selection of items aimed for KS2 and is mainly maths based but also includes items for handwriting, time, money work and some blank resources for additional learning and creating your own games. Contents: a handwriting practice card, a multiplication grid, a large number square, a place value cards set, a +20 -20 number line, a 100 bead string, a 3D shapes set, a 2D shapes set, a plastic clock face, pair of small pocket dice, a set of coin cards, a square foam fractions set, a set of sum dice, a pack of blank one side playing cards, a pack of blank cards for the pocket dice, a pad of A4 plain paper with line guide, a Helix lettering stencil pack and a stationery pack including pencil, ball point pen, whiteboard marker, highlighter, sharpener and eraser.
Code: LP2
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