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A comprehensive set of 80 flashcards that were designed to cover key words with their images. Size of card 110mm x 156mm. Printed on heavyweight 350gsm card. List of images as follows: UNIT ONE ALL ABOUT ME. The family, my sister, my brother, my father, my mother. UNIT 2 GAMES AND SONGS. a goose, the farmer, the wife, the nursemaid, the cat, the mouse, the cheese, the child, football, skipping. UNIT 3 CELEBRATIONS. the ball, I swim well, I dance, I play football well, I read, I sing. UNIT 4 PORTRAITS. red, yellow, blue, pink, green, brown, the colours, orange, white, black, violet, nose, mouth, hair, ears, arm, eye/eyes, head, feet, leg, elbow, hand, fingers, knees, toes, shoulders. UNIT 5 THE FOUR FRIENDS. the rabbit, the horse, the sheep, grey, the apple tree, the apple, a goat, a dog, a pig, a duck. UNIT 6 GROWING THINGS. a pear, a lemon, a strawberry, a banana, grapes, a lettuce, a cucumber, an onion, peas, green beans, some cress, a tomato, a potato, a bean seed, a boy, the giant, a castle, a beanstalk, a harp, gold coins, the cow, a hen, the market. This is a fantastic resource for teaching French in the primary school.
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