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A comprehensive set of 75 flashcards that were designed to cover key words with their images. Size of card 110mm x 156mm. Printed on heavyweight 350gsm card. List of images as follows: UNIT 7 ALL ABOARD. on foot, a bike, a car, a bus, a train, a plane, a motorbike, a boat, it is hot, it is cold, it is fine, it is sunny, it is raining, it is bad weather, it is windy, north, south, east, west. UNIT 8 POCKET MONEY. a CD, a games console, a football, a doll, a soft toy. UNIT 9 TELL ME A STORY! Sleeping Beauty, the wicked fairy, hedge of thorns, the prince. UNIT 10 OUR SPORTING LIVES. I swim, I play football, I dance, I play tennis, I play cricket, I play basketball, I ride my bike, I skateboard, orange juice, yoghurt, fish, an apple, carrots, chocolate, coca cola, chips, sweets. UNIT 11 THE CARNIVAL OF THE ANIMALS. the lion, the kangaroo, the cock, the fish, the elephant, the donkey, the bird, the tortoise, the hen, the cuckoo, the owl, the swan, the sea, the savanna, the forest, a farm. UNIT 12 WHAT'S THE WEATHER LIKE. a coat, a hat, an umbrella, a scarf, sunglasses, shorts, a shoe, a skirt, a sock, boots, a t-shirt, gloves, it is snowing, it is freezing. This is a very useful resource for the teaching of French in the primary school.
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