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A set 4 soft fabric chimps (115mm tall when sitting) two sets of the alphabet, an additional 2 each of a, e, i, and o, and the graphemes as shown in the picture. Each letter or grapheme is printed on a 38mm square or 38 x 50mm rectangle of EVA foam, with both hook and loop fixings on the reverse. Each chimp has three hook circles to hold the tiles in a line. Used singly the chimps are ideal for words requiring three tiles. Alternatively the chimps can join hands to allow longer words to be formed. The tiles can also be used on any loop nylon surface or the table top. Additional visual materials can be attached to the chimps by using loop dots. The blue tiles are also available separately - see single letter set CCLP and double and triple combinations set.CCEP.
Code: CC4PS
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25.20 inc. VAT
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